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Skincare treatments

At Symmetry Skin, we offer a truly personal and bespoke service to our clients. Drs Kirsty and Alex will be with you at every step of your journey as they perform all assessments, treatments and follow ups themselves.  By listening to your concerns and using our carefully selected treatments, we feel privileged to be able to join you in achieving your aesthetic goals.

Common concerns

It can be daunting taking that first step towards getting treatment. That’s why we’re with you throughout your journey at Symmetry Skin. 

During your initial assessment, we’ll listen to your concerns and offer you the best in industry treatments. 

Below are some of the most common concerns we hear and the treatments we can offer.

Unwanted wrinkles

Also referred to as frown lines, crows feet & forehead wrinkles, unwanted wrinkles can sometimes make you look older than your years.

To treat unwanted wrinkles, we recommend:

Uneven skin pigment

There are a number of reasons for skin pigmentation, including sun exposure or sunbed usage, resulting in an unwanted ageing appearance of the skin.

To treat uneven skin pigment, we recommend:

Sagging jowls

Often seen as a sad, tired, aged appearance, sagging jowls and flattened cheeks come from a loss of volume in the face and cheeks due to a loss of collagen.

To treat sagging jowls, we recommend:

Small lips

Having perfect lips is subjective and requires a detailed assessment where we look at the profile, lip size and facial proportions to recommend the best look. 

To treat lips, we recommend:

Excess armpit sweating

Sweating is a perfectly normal body function, but, for some, it can be too much meaning being limited on what they can wear and what they do socially. 

To treat excess sweating, we recommend:

Neck and hand ageing

As we care more for facial skin, sometimes neck lines and hand ageing can be a problem that is overlooked. But there are treatments available for neck and hand ageing.

To treat neck and hand aging, we recommend:


Alumier MD Skincare and Peels

Medical-grade skin care products help with static wrinkles, skin protection and skin rejuvenation. Comprising a range of products, they can be customised to your needs.

We chose AlumierMD for their fantastic products, clean science, and ethical standards. Free from parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oils and dyes. There has also been no animal testing.

Anti-wrinkle treatments

 Botulinum toxins anti-wrinkle treatments relax carefully selected facial muscles to temporarily reduce dynamic wrinkles.

Static wrinkles, however, may be due to skin ageing which is benefited by our medial skincare treatments.


Our carefully selected fillers can be used at different skin depths for different uses, replacing volume loss due to ageing.

Often used for check definition and lip contouring + fullness. They can also be used to smooth lines.


CryoPen is an advanced Cryotherapy device, using an ultra-cold jet of pressurised Nitrous Oxide. This is more precise and controlled than older methods using liquid nitrogen sprays, which means it is less painful and less likely to damage healthy skin adjacent to the skin lesion being treated.

Created by Natura Studios, this device can be used to treat warts, verucas, skin tags, age spots and sun spots.


SkinPen Precision is the world leading medical-grade micro-needling device. It is the only micro-needling device to have FDA approval. Variable depth can be easily changed during treatment, so we can tailor treatment to your skin’s needs.

We care deeply that our treatments are as safe as possible, which is why we only use SkinPen Precision.

Beauty boosters

As skin ages, the volume is lost at every level. This is most noticeable in the top layer that’s visible. Redensity 1 and RHA 1 are specialised fillers for rejuvenating the top skin layer and reducing wrinkles.

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