Online skin consultations

Why we love online skin consultations at Symmetry Skin

During the COVID -19 pandemic, clinic based skin treatments became harder to access. There has been some return to normal but we still find using online skin consultations really beneficial.

In 2019, if someone had told me I’d be regularly using online skin consultations as initial contact for clients or as follow up post treatments, I would have thought them to be a bit crazy. Fast forward on 9 months, and this is now a widely accepted practice. I really enjoy an online consultation, it allows discussion of what a client wants to achieve and how this can be best performed, all from the comfort of their own home. 


How does an online consultation work?

Once you have contacted Symmetry Skin either via the website, email or phone, either myself (Dr Kirsty) or Dr Alex will contact you back to arrange a time.  We can be flexible in which platform is used and this can  included Zoom, Microsoft teams, Skype or FaceTime.  Then it is as simple as logging on at the agreed time. 


What can be discussed in an online consultation?

At this consultation, there will be a discussion about what you are hoping to achieve, and any concerns or worries you have. We will also discuss your general health, previous treatments and budget.  I have carried out online consultations for many treatments but do find skin care consultations work really well. Using AlumierMD and their great home care range, means many clients can be started on their home care journey before clinic based professional treatments. Skinpen, WOW fusion and injectables such as filler and antiwrinkle injections can be discussed online, and treatments planned with further assessment once in the clinic

I have used the online consultation to discuss plans for acne, anti-ageing, scarring, rosacea and pigmentation. It is also a really lovely tool for follow up particularly after antiwrinkle injections, to check on progress. 


Why keep using online consultations? 

Convenience is the main reason many clients prefer the initial consultation online, it often fits in more easily with a busy life and also eliminates the need for travelling, without having a treatment. I also find now, clients are more happy discussing their concerns on line, than they were 9 months ago.  Life has also become more online, and with more people regularly using computers for work, it seems sensible to keep offering online consultations if preferred. 


How to book? 

We’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to book an online consultation (or even a face to face one) then please contact us on the form below, or via email or phone, details at the top of the website. 


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